introduces a new standard of tenant screening to the Polish market


September 17, 2020 introduces a new standard of tenant screening to the Polish market

Renting a property is a transaction worth several, and sometimes even tens of thousands of zlotys a year, which is why property owners prefer to sign contracts with reliable tenants who will make payments on time. Late or missed payments mean financial loss for the owners., is helping to mitigate this risk.

Polish-British fintech start-up (also known as is the only tenant screening company on the Polish market and offers detailed tenant verification based on real-time financial data.

The property owner creates their profile on the platform and sends a link to the tenant so they can verify their identity and financial standing. The property owner then receives a report with either a positive or negative verification result in three areas - identity, credit and payment history, and rent to earnings ratio.

Moreover, gives the possibility to generate dedicated application forms for a specific property in the form of a URL link. After clicking the URL link, the tenant can initially verify whether he can apply for the rental of the property and confirm his interest. Thanks to this functionality, property owners can focus on conversations with tenants who meet the selection criteria.

“We have based our solution on open banking to immediately provide the best user experience possible. From now on, tenants can set up accounts quickly and verify their credibility in minutes. Open banking allows us to instantly analyze transactional data and issue a comprehensive but user friendly report.”

Piotr Pajda, Co-founder & CEO of

Full financial transparency

This functionality relies on Kontomatik’s technology, which delivers financial data collected from the client's bank account through an API connection. not only confirms the tenant's identity and their income but also checks whether the tenant has any history of late or missed payments. The cooperation with Kontomatik will strengthen’s role in leading the standardisation of the Polish rental market and providing trust, transparency and security for both landlords and tenants.

"We are happy to be supporting Open banking gives's clients a great opportunity to use innovative services based on open banking, unavailable in the past. Their solution is revolutionary for the Polish market and we look forward to their growth" Patryk Pietrzak, Board Member, Kontomatik.