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About Kontomatik

Kontomatik has been providing banking data aggregation services since 2009. In fact, we created those solutions long before “Open Banking” was even a term.

We are built on Open Banking

Our core product is a read-only API to banks. As an Account Information Service Provider we import banking data from any supported bank to your system. In the past 12 years, we have successfully completed more than 20.000.000 imports, and onboarded and served more than 200 clients in 15 countries. 

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We are committed to supporting the development of local communities

As an entity operating on the market for more than 10 years in a professional manner, Kontomatik respects the legitimate interests of customers and contractors as well as the overall good of the financial market.

As a member of industry organizations, we share our experience and we identify and provide solutions to arising issues appearing on the market in the field of open banking, primarily through direct communication (pointing out incorrect or inappropriate practices) but also through participatory meetings, significantly improving the quality of services on the markets on which we operate. For instance, as a member of ZPF, we apply the Principles of Good Practice adopted by the Union of Financial Companies in Poland.

We support local supervisors and public administration organizations in their efforts to improve the fintech industry and modern banking.

Data enrichment focused

We haven’t stopped at just accessing the data. We’ve also built a Data Science team that, for years, has been analyzing the data and has created products to help  our partners make better decisions about their clients. Our machine learning tools can go through and assess thousands of transactions to assign labels that characterize financial behaviors. On top of that, Kontomatik can take these labels, alongside other account information, and calculate a metric evaluating a person’s financial health.

Talented specialists

Our team consists primarily of qualified engineers who have mastered their skills and knowledge during long-term projects for the most ambitious customers. With a combination of high-level skills and a detailed approach, we can deliver the best open banking solutions.

Our leadership

Michał Łukasik
Łukasz Karcz
Board Member & 
Patryk Pietrzak
Piotr Podlewski
Head of Data Science
Bartosz Pundyk
Head of Growth
Dominik Wolski
VP of Business
Alicja Łosowska
Head of Compliance
Karolina Śpikowska
Head of Legal
Maciej Tarnawski
IT Manager

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