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Join our team of highly qualified specialists and help us shape the services widely used by banks and other financial companies.

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Junior Java Developer

PLN 7 000 - 12 000

All offers

Work at Kontomatik

With authorization in Poland and Lithuania as an Account Information Service Provider, Kontomatik is a specialist in Open Banking, offering services that help banks and loan companies. Our products are based on automatic financial data gathering via PSD2; APIs from banks in Poland and Europe; an advanced PDF parsing tool that extracts data from bank statements; and Machine Learning tools that label gathered transactions and perform a risk analysis. 

The idea behind it is quite simple: those tools can be used to assess if a person will be able to pay off a loan. Of course, there are other applications as well, like bookkeeping, expense tracking and many more.

We have about 30+ employees on board to handle it all, but despite being a fairly small company, we’re also immensely powerful!

Most of us are working in the technology team, which consists of DevOps engineers, Java developers, Python data scientists, Elixir programmers, technical support and managers. 

You can also join our business team, which is divided into administration, legal and compliance, sales, marketing, and finances.


MacBook Pro (or high-end Lenovo/Dell for programmers)
medical care
26 days
of paid time off

There are also some nice things waiting for you at the office:

Small quiet rooms (no open space)
Electronic height adjustable desk
Best in class Herman Miller Embody chair
3 different coffee machines for caffeine enthusiasts
Fresh fruit delivered every week
Free sodas
PlayStation 4 (FIFA tournaments)
Oculus Quest (Beat Saber anyone?)
CV selection

The first step is the CV., We look through all applications and choose those that seem to fit our desired profile.

Phone call

Selected candidates will receive a phone call, during which we will ask you some questions that are general/HR related and probably some regarding the merit of the field as well.

In-person interview 

If you did well during the phone call, then we will organize a longer meeting where we will talk in depth about your knowledge, skills, experience, and answer any questions you might have.

Recruitment task

This step differs the most depending on the specific job. For some it will be skipped, for others it will take place during the interview, while for developers it might be a programming task to do at home or a live coding session with us at a separate time. When necessary, we will try to assess your skills in practice.

You’re hired!

If it’s clear to us you belong with Kontomatik, we will make you an offer and, once we agree on the terms, we’ll prepare all the documents, sign the paperwork and begin the process of onboarding you. Welcome to the team!

Our hiring process differs between posts, but we can assure you that, for each post, we try to keep the time each candidate spends on an application – and the number of steps it takes to apply –  to a minimum.

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