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Identity verification

Verify the customer's identity instantly and minimize the risk of fraud.

Ensure that there is a real person behind a process and that they are who they claim to be

Identity verification - how does this work

How does this work?

In the online world, it’s not easy to check whether the person behind the screen is who they say they are. Identity verification minimizes the risk of fraud which could lead to performing unauthorized transactions on someone else's behalf or creating a false identity.

Using our tool, you can ask your clients to go through the process of connecting to their account information ,where we will extract information about the account holders and send it right to you.

That way you have a reliable source of information that you can compare to the data you’ve already collected from the client.

What data about the user can you get?

As the PSD2 regulations came into force, banks were obliged not to return sensitive information about the account holders that could lead to even more serious fraud attempts in the event of a data leak.

Currently, most APIs return information about:

  • Customer's first and last name
  • Address (90% of cases)
  • Account information and account details
  • List of transactions with details
Identity verification - How does this work

How can you benefit from this service?

Depending on the regulations or internal processes you need to adhere to, you might need to confirm the information collected from your client in the online form.

The assumption is that a client trying to commit fraud won’t have access to another user’s bank credentials or their phone to be able to authenticate on the bank’s website. This way, you can confirm that the person going through your online process is the one they said they were.

Identity verification can protect you from making the wrong decision about granting a loan, debt limit, leasing a product and much more.

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