Smartneys' goal is to make their clients' lives easier and provide them with the most suitable offer

How Smartney created an exceptional user experience with open banking


Smartneys' goal is to make their clients' lives easier and provide them with the most suitable offer. To achieve this, they choose open banking technology provided by Kontomatik

Smartney is an innovative financial institution. The company combines traditional banking with a simplified loan application process. They created a product that contains the best features of a bank loan and ensuring minimum formalities when obtaining a loan. Smartney is part of the Oney Bank Group, which provides us with knowledge and experience gained in the banking sector and service at the highest level.

„When we were preparing product launch, we asked ourselves what do we need to do to offer customers instant process with minimal paperwork but with optimal credit offer and minimalise frauds at the same time. Partnership with Kontomatik and using open banking technology help us to achieve these goals” Katarzyna Jóźwik, General Manager, Smartney

Smartney and Kontomatik Partnership allowed to keep all the processes online. The first step is customer onboarding – instant process allows to verify identity and detect possible frauds – involving paperwork and manual checks became unnecessary.

"Partnership with Kontomatik helps us to optimize our customer onboarding and credit risk assessment. Instant KYC and automatic access to information from customer’s account are the main functionalities which make it easy for customers to apply for the loan, without efforts of bringing paper banking statements”

Katarzyna Jóźwik, General Manager, Smartney

The next step bases on Kontomatik machine learning-based data analytics. Kontomatik alghorytms categorize and label the types of transactions and transfer this into a simple view which usually requires lots of manual work in case of analysis of traditional banking income. In online process Smartney is able to prepare the best most suitable offer for their clients in a fast way, as manual work is highly limited.

“We have observed that for a new players open banking technology is a first and natural choice. For those who are launching services connected with banking data and looking for solutions to customer onboarding, data analytics or credit risk assessment, any other option is out of the question.” Patryk Pietrzak, Board Member, Kontomatik

If you want to learn more about how open banking may lift-up your business, please reach out to us at any time. We’re happy to hear from you!

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