How open banking helps lenders with income checks
How Open Banking can help loan companies check income

We break down exactly how open banking can help not only check income, but also analyze that information. 

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Everyone who benefits from open banking
Who benefits from open banking?

Open banking is not reserved just for experts in the fields of finance, it affects everybody. Better yet, open banking benefits everybody

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Who regulates open banking
Who regulates open banking?

All the entities involved in open banking, as well as the rules regarding privacy, data sharing and more, are under strict regulations

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Open APIs allow financial institutions to connect with third party providers
Is Open API the same as Open Banking?

Open Banking and Open API share some commonalities and they work together, but they are not the same thing. 

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Can anyone use Open Banking APIs?

Are Open Banking APIs accessible to everyone? No – but that’s good! We go into detail about why

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Why is open banking important?

Open banking allows a company to connect with a user’s bank to view the user’s financial data (with the user’s consent, of course)

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