Iga Sikorska

Iga Sikorska moves from Experian to Kontomatik and becomes the Head of the analytical solutions department


Iga Sikorska PhD, who has served as leader of the Decision Analytics Experian team in Central and Eastern Europe since has just taken on the position of Director of Analytical Solutions at Kontomatik. Iga was welcomed to the Kontomatik team on 01.12 and will take over managing the development of new solutions at a time when the company is expanding services into new sectors and markets. She will support the team with her extensive international experience in data analytics and will be responsible for customizing analytical and business solutions for clients — including constructing dedicated models, aggregate rules and scoring systems for individual industries. 

Sikorska comes to Kontomatik with a wealth of experience; her most recent work was as a leader at internationally acclaimed data analytics and credit reporting company, Experian. As the team leader for the CEE region, Sikorska was responsible for growing the client base and bringing Experian’s analytics to the area. Sikorska worked with clients, using analytics to help reshape and improve their approaches to risk, anti-fraud and collections measures. 

With her background in data analytics, Sikorska also spent much of her work at Experian building and customizing analytics products based on alternative data, which helped increase efficiency and automation of risk and anti-fraud systems.

Experian is an American-Irish data analytics and credit reporting company, which collects information on over 1 billion people and businesses. Considered one of the “Big Three'' credit-reporting agencies, Experian offers credit and analytic services in 37 countries.

Over a decade in data analytics and team management

Prior , Sikorska had already been developing an impressive resume that included extensive work in data analytics and the financial sector. In 2018, she worked as Business Development Manager for Polish IT company Sii, where she served as a data science competency team leader, supporting customers in developing analytical solutions. 

For five years prior to that, Sikorska was the senior business solutions manager at the SAS Institute, a business analytics software company. While there, she provided expertise in fraud and AML initiatives for banking and financial institutions; led a data science team in banking and product delivery management; designed anti-fraud strategies using data science algorithms; and modeled decision-making processes using machine learning, data mining, social network analysis and text mining. 

Sikorska’s experience in data analytics for companies is rivaled by her time in the academic sphere; for 12 years she worked as a researcher, consultant and lecturer for the Warsaw School of Economics. Sikorska received both her masters and PhD in economics from the Warsaw School of Economics, as well as a masters in analytics from North Carolina State University in the United States. 

A wise move for Kontomatik 

Taking Sikorska on as the Director of Analytical Solutions is a wise move for Kontomatik; with Sikorska joining the team, Kontomatik adds someone from an acclaimed multi-international analytics company, giving Kontomatik the chance to take advantage of the experience and practices that Sikorska developed at the international credit giant. 

Additionally, her nearly 15 years of experience in digital solutions, data analysis and the financial sector will be a huge benefit to Kontomatik as the company continues to grow and expand into new markets and gain new clients.

That experience will help Kontomatik develop new products, while Sikorska’s broad business perspective will help develop services for new industries

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