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Convert long hours of manual verification of received bank statements into an automatic analysis.

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PDF Document Analysis - How does this work

How does this work?

There is no global structure for bank statements in PDF format - documents vary from one institution to another. This makes the process of their analysis extremely difficult and usually requires human involvement.

However we’ve been developing our solution for years, having gone through thousands of documents to create algorithms able to extract transaction data in a machine-readable XML format as well as assess possible tempering attempts.

Data prepared in this way can be conveniently and quickly sorted, filtered and precisely analyzed. Everything happens in seconds, saving you long hours of manual work.

Verify the credibility of the data

Before we actually return any data we check the credibility and consistency of the information contained in the PDF statements. This is to stop fraud in the form of manipulation of data contained in documents.

Our heuristics include:

  • consistency of the account balance with transactions,
  • characteristics of the PDF metadata,
  • fonts, their color and size,
  • bank logotype,
  • the header date range consistency with 
the transaction dates,
  • keywords,
  • document structure,
  • the bank’s digital signature.
Verify the credibility of the data

Alternative way of verification

You might ask yourself why you would need this service when Open Banking solutions become more and more advanced. Well, that’s true and we do recommend using them also with our cooperation, but in some cases it’s not enough.

Some companies are required to collect bank statements coming directly from their clients due to regulations, either internal or external. Also some users are still weary about sharing their account information in the online mode, preferring to just download a PDF and send it directly to you.

Using the automatic PDF analysis you can address those issues and maybe even give your potential clients a choice between the two in order to increase sales, covering most cases.

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