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Driving growth through


We provide solutions that turn general assumptions into hard data that powers your business, no matter the size of your business or the sector you’re in

Financial insights
to support your
decision-making process

Our solutions are a secure bridge for the flow of financial data between companies, banks and customers. Using an open banking API enriched with analysis based on machine learning, we provide you with the latest comprehensive view of your client’s financial capacity, discipline, behavior and much more.

With our support you will make better decisions based on hard data, not guesswork.

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Know the financial behavioral patterns of customers and distinguish those valuable to your company

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Risk analysis icon

Risk analysis

Reduce the risk of customer insolvency thanks to multi-factor risk analysis

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Income and spendings check icon

Income and
spending check

Securely and flawlessly verify customer income and spendings in seconds

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PDF document

Turn long hours of manual verification into a few seconds of automatic analysis

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Verify a customer's identity instantly and minimize the risk of fraud

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Access to account

Get a clear picture of your client’s financial condition in order to make well-informed decisions

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We are trusted and used
by 100+ companies worldwide

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We help you focus
on relevant data

... and make better decisions based on hard data, not guesswork.

As the old saying goes, “what you measure you can manage”. Using data allows you to make more informed decisions that will help you achieve specific goals. That’s why we help translate data into action!

We analyze data and make it more transparent, accessible and easier to understand. Our analysis indicates which data points are most relevant to driving growth within your organization.

We create solutions for businesses

Both market leaders and small companies from various industries rely on Kontomatik.

Czech Republic

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customers all over the world

successful data imports

Here's what our customers
say about us

Up-to-date financial information is Aasa's priority in the credit risk assessment process
Thanks to Kontomatik, we improve our process - reliable data allows us to assess creditworthiness more accurately and shorten the time of submitting a loan application to a minimum

Diana Tur

Head of Risk at Aasa Polska

Kontomatik is well-known company in the CEE region providing transaction data under open banking
Using Kontomatik's technological competences, we provide our clients with new services, support them in scaling their business, and expand the offer beyond the financial industry
Iga Sikorska - Analytics Consulting Lead at Experian

Iga Sikorska

Analytics Consulting Lead at Experian

Raiffeisen Digital Bank want to offer their clients only innovative products
Cooperation with Kontomatik enables our clients easily and quickly confirm their identity and share their financial history. This partnership allows us to apply the latest technological solutions
Kamil Niewiarowski - Country Manager at Raiffeisen Digital Bank

Kamil Niewiatowski

Country Manager at Raiffeisen Digital Bank

 Cooperation with Kontomatik has been in the spirit of partnership from the very beginning
We have gained not only a unique and fast method of identifying customers, but thanks to open banking solutions and advanced data science tools provided by Kontomatik, we have improved credit verification process

Katarzyna Jóźwik

General Manager at Smartney

Kontomatik is one of the elements of Plenti anti-fraud system
Thanks to Kontomatik algorithms, we examine the financial capabilities of our users and increase the security of our service by assigning appropriate scoring to users. Kontomatik protects us against extortion and fraud attempts

Wojciech Rokosz

CEO at Plenti

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Data security is at the heart of our work

ISO 27001

Kontomatik complies with international standards for information security management and has received the ISO 27001 certificate

Entry in the AISP

Kontomatik complies with a number of security rules regarding account information services and was the first to be entered in the AISP register kept by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

Compliance with
the PSD2 and GDPR

Kontomatik complies with the stringent requirements of the European Union regarding the protection of personal data and the provision of account access services

Enhance business decisions 
with data and analytics

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