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Access to account information

Gain access to information about your clients' finances to make accurate decisions about working with them

Sometimes getting just a single metric about your client isn’t enough and you need more details

What is the account

Access to account information is an online service that gives you insight into a client’s finances up to several years back and up to 90 days upfront – all with the client’s consent.

It provides you with data like the: current account balance, oldest transaction date, currency and the account holder, as well as each transaction including title, sender/receiver, date, amount and much more. We can provide you with details not only about one account, but all accounts the user has given us access to.

What is the account information

How can you benefit from
this service?

We provide many tools to help you make a decision about whether to collaborate with your clients, but account information is the one that will give you the tools needed to of analyze the client’s data.

Financial information allows you to supplement your current processes or scoring models with extra data. Financial data can help you adjust an offer to meet the client's abilities or, knowing the financial situation, offer a client  complementary services., If you need to obtain financial data due to compliance reasons, we can provide that to you as well.

How does this work
How does this work

How does this work?

The account information access service is based on the PSD2 directive, under which banks are required to share a user’s account information with specialized companies like Kontomatik upon the user’s request.

Then, once the user goes through the authorization process in our online tool, Kontomatik connects with the bank’s dedicated API, imports all available data and, with the user’s consent, shares that data with you

We have access to financial data from over 100 banks in Europe, either from the APIs or, if in a given moment the API doesn’t perform well, from a fallback mechanism, resulting from the assumptions of the PSD2 directive.

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