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Mon, May 25, 2020

How Smartney created an exceptional user experience with open banking

Smartneys' goal is to make their clients' lives easier and provide them with the most suitable offer. To achieve this, they choose open banking technology provided by Kontomatik<

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Thu, Apr 30, 2020

Matching people who have money with those who need them via technology.

Customers expect an intuitive and fluid experience. Working with Kontomatik enables us to optimize the onboarding process further and improve our credit risk management among our borrowers.

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Fri, Apr 17, 2020

Measure changes to reflect the impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 is putting credit models to the test - they might lose their predictive power when faced with the kind of unique pandemic circumstances. Some companies are trying to fix, modify or replace them to fit the new reality. But if we build our risk assessments on the solid data ground, changes in the environment should not affect the process. Check how solid data ground should be prepared.

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Mon, Feb 10, 2020

The short story of how machine learning knocked rules-based systems into a cocked hat

AI will not replace a reliable, classic banking assessment, but a solid banking assessment supported by advanced machine learning methods will quickly replace the assessment without it

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Mon, Sep 30, 2019

Kontomatik with AISP status from Polish Financial Supervision Authority

Kontomaitk No. 1 again. Polish Financial Supervision Authority granted first AISP status on Polish market.

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Wed, Jul 31, 2019

14th September and Banking API doesn’t work? It is not your worry dear client!

The condition of the bank's APIs before a bit more than thirty days before the transition to open banking is not ideal. The banks are worried, the providers of API connections are worried and their clients are also worried. However, if you analyze scenarios that can happen after September 14, you will find only one conclusion - clients have no reasons to be concern.

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Tue, Jul 30, 2019

September 14 and they lived happily ever after? Four months of work with banking API - summary

The fact is that for two months before the deadline, the APIs are far from perfect, and the provision of services based on them is in doubt.

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Wed, Mar 6, 2019

Kontomatik ready to operate in 11 EU countries as an AISP

On 17th of February 2019 The Bank of Lithuania granted a license to Kontomatik UAB to passport its AIS services in 10 countries without the need to open local branches

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Thu, Dec 20, 2018

We are now licensed AISP!

Kontomatik UAB, a subsidiary of the leading Polish fintech company Kontomatik Sp. z o.o., received the account information service provider license (AISP) from the Bank of Lithuania.

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Tue, Sep 18, 2018

2nd Annual Subprime Credit Forum in Prague is over!

Last week Kontomatik’s Team appeared at the 2nd Annual Subprime Credit Forum in Prague, CZ as a silver sponsor and the only #Fintech company.

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