Kontomatik Scoring Insights allows calculating the probability of a customer to default on a loan

Matching people who have money with those who need them via technology.


Kviku makes online lending fast, safe, and simple for consumers. As a lending platform it covers borrowers from all over the world including Poland and Spain. All process is performed fully automatically.

„ Customers expect an intuitive and fluid experience. Working with Kontomatik enables us to optimize the onboarding process further and improve our credit risk management among our borrowers. We need to be sure that the right credit offer and at the right time will be created.” - comment Oleg Babiy, CBDO at Kviku.

How does it work? The first step is identity verification – client login to their bank account thru Kontomatik widget. Kontomatik API allows aggregating all the necessary financial data related to the client’s bank account, prevent frauds – extracted KYC helps verify customer identity and smoothly finalise the loan application process. All this last only a few seconds.

" Optimizing the onboarding process with Kontomatik has been a big focus for us. We solved a few things around the customer experience. For 30 seconds process and one login we can confirm the client’s identity, get access all transaction history and thus check many paraments and financial behaviours patterns. Next step is credit scoring based on real-time data – we need to reduce the probability that someone is making a commitment which cannot afford.”

Oleg Babiy, CBDO at Kviku

Kontomatik Scoring Insights allows calculating the probability of a customer to default on a loan. Kontomatik engineers prepared and tested over 1.2 million + of distinct features like recent changes in spending behaviour, the likelihood of loans being spent on risky financial behaviour e.g. gambling, undocumented and informal income, increase in frivolous spending, loan loops detection and many others.

Defined features allow to measure changes in crucial areas describing creditworthiness (eg. changes in income structure), track changes when the environment and show the most current and complex picture of financial conditions, without delays characteristic for traditional databases. Whatsmore this kind of model is updated and evaluated automatically wherever is needed.

The effect – reduced default rate and improved acceptance rate connected with reduced time needed to verify application.

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