Verifying your customer’s finances takes seconds through open banking

Financial information can tell you a lot about your client right off the bat, before you even decide to work with them.

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Banks will See New Competition they Never Imagined
PSD2 Explained. What it Means for Consumers and Fintechs

The final implementation date for PSD2 is fast approaching.

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Rules-based system - the first step in data analysis
The short story of how machine learning knocked rules-based systems into a cocked hat

Hashtags have become a sign of our time.

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Good times/bad times - data is core
Measure changes to reflect the impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak is causing a lot of turbulence in present times

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Kontomatik - provider of new opportunities
Open banking - new opportunities for companies outside the financial sector

Open banking is often referred to as a revolution, and in many ways these words are not exaggerated.

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