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Analiza ryzyka (scoring)

Estimate your client's capabilities in seconds to determine the risk associated with performing your services.

Check how reliable your clients are in paying off their liabilities

Risk Analysis - How does this work

How does this work?

Scoring is an assessment (on a point scale) of credibility in the repayment of the client’s liability.

Our risk analysis service is based on a calculation that allows it to make assessment about your potential client’s financial abilities. Thanks to this, you can, for example, find out if your clients have the ability to repay obligations, such as loan installments.

It’s all done by a Machine Learning-based solution - a mixture of statistical models trained on more than 1.5 million different features as well as some algorithms that in the end return a single metric.

This method is way faster and more accurate than any human analysis. As a result, it allows you to accurately and quickly make a decision to refuse or grant a loan to the person concerned.

A clear single metric

Yes, it’s that simple. We’ve managed to create score tiers based on numerical values calculated from thousands of relevant features.

Do you need more? Not only do we provide a score tier but also the score percentile. And if that isn’t enough, we can also provide you with the list of specific features, their values and importance so you can verify them for yourself or maybe in some cases even consider a single one separately in your decision making.

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Get a customized experience

Our scoring model was trained using data gathered in cooperation with many partners whose businesses might be similar to yours but not exactly the same and we get that you want it to be perfect.

That’s why once you start using our services, we can then work with you on the data you’ve collected. We will analyze gathered transactions, repayment patterns or other indicators provided by you and then we’ll be able to create a tailor-made model that will be adjusted to the clients you deal with every day.

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