Improve your risk management with financial behaviour analysis

Add a missing element to your scoring models.

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Improve your risk management

Improve your risk management

Financial Behaviour Analysis is an extra data source for your scoring models based on hard data – transaction history.

Gambling and other risky behaviours, they should not be binary variables.

We provide more context to the data. Thanks to machine learning our Financial Behaviour Analysis can help to predict whether your potential customers would repay the loan or not.

Based on thousands of predictive features

Our engineers prepared and tested over 1.2 million+ of distinct features like: recent changes in spending behaviour, likelihood of loans being spent on risky financial behaviour e.g. gambling, undocumented & informal income, increase in frivolous spending, loan loops detection and many others.

Fast and versatile
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Fast and versatile

Digitalize customer journey and enhance new customer scoring & profiling.

Fully customizable

Kontomatik provides you the most fitting set of features, scores, percentiles and tiers, that you can add as extra data points in your scoring model and observe the uplift on your scoring model performance.

Various implementation methods

Depending on process you have, Financial Behaviour can be applied to your credit scoring model as additional guidelines or input features in your statistical models.

Find out how Kontomatik adds a missing element to your scoring models.

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