Financial Health Indicator

A lightweight engine for powerful credit assessment. Get the data from Kontomatik Banking API analysed in a simple way

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Simplicity at its best

Kontomatik Financial Health Indicator returns a value from 0 to 100. This value explains how healthy the user's bank account is, the larger the value - the healthier the account 

Perfect for Starters 

Now you no longer need to invest heavily in the development of the credit score engines. Kontomatik Financial Health Indicator does the job perfectly

Easily integrated

Financial Health Indicator works on top of the Kontomatik Banking API and can be enabled for your organisation in a matter of minutes. It is as simple as plug and play!

Essentials for lenders

Online lending gets harder and more competitive every day. Kontomatik Financial Health Indicator is an essential ingredient in getting a competitive edge

Lightning fast

Financial Health Indicator analyses the user's banking data in a fraction of seconds and returns the response directly to your internal systems

Geographical availability

Expanding your business geographically has never been so easy. With Kontomatik tools you can quickly enter new markets

Wallet friendly pricing

Financial Health Indicator is priced under the SaaS model, meaning that you pay depending on your usage. Grow and save with us!

How does it work?

Let your customer import structured financial data sets

Once your business is integrated with Kontomatik Banking API, you will be able to let your customers pass their financial data to your organization. Instead of getting this data in XML form and conducting your further analysis, you can just enable Kontomatik Financial Health Indicator. It will analyze the account data and return a simple value.

What is Financial Health Indicator based on?

We are considering a number of factors when analyzing the credit capacity and the likelihood of repayments. While we certainly have our "secret souse" in place, we do play extra careful attention to the following items:

Average Monthly Income

We estimate all of the possible income sources of your potential client and average them

Bank Accounts Reliability

Only high quality data can be trusted. We are analysing how old and how rich in data the accounts are

Previous Lending History

We conduct a throughout check of the sums of loans granted by the other lending companies

Account Balance

The current balance of the account is a great measure to understand how useful the loan is for the client

Have any questions?

Ask us, we’re always ready to answer.

A credit scoring alternative

Why do I need Kontomatik Financial Health Indicator?

The more you can delegate, the more focused you can be. With Kontomatik Financial Health Indicator you no longer need to invest heavily in the development of your own credit score engines. ...

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