Kontomatik Status page is here!

Michał Miernik

Head of Marketing

June 5, 2017
Kontomatik Status page is here!

Kontomatik joins the ranks of top SaaS service providers like Amazon, Google Cloud or Salesforce, by launching Kontomatik Status page – a place where clients can learn the real-time status of supported banks.

For each bank, we display a timeline of the past 7 days, colored in green, when everything is fine. If an outage has occurred, it will be shown on the timeline in red.

The small feature provides a birds-eye view over the entire API, enabling clients to avoid unnecessary debugging and support-pinging when a problem occurs. It also offers, we may say, a level of transparency and service quality not currently matched by our competitors.

Don’t forget to bookmark, if you’re a Kontomatik client!

Visit Kontomatik status page here.