Capital Service and Kontomatik transform traditional channels of sales in fully digital customer path


June 25, 2020
Capital Service and Kontomatik transform traditional channels of sales in fully digital customer path

When you want to do business, whether it’s lending, factoring e-commerce, or launching new products or services, you need accurate and real-time information that lets you quickly onboard new customers, verify identity, check their profitability, measure trends and metrics to turn them into useful insights.

Capital Service main goal is to provide a high level of customer satisfaction and ensures the highest standards of service. They decided on a partnership with Kontomatik to transform their traditional channels of sales into a fully digital customer path and create new products.

"Kontomatik technology has facilitated the transition from the traditional offline sales channel based on a network of branches to full online sales. It enabled fast and secure verification of customer account numbers to bank transfer. The Kontomatik widget shortened the time needed to apply for a loan and allowed to significantly reduce the scope of formalities needed to fill the application.”

Kazimierz Dziełak, Prezes Zarządu, Capital Service S.A.

Open banking in action

Capital Services and Kontomatik Partnership allowed to keep all the processes online. The first step is customer onboarding – instant process allows to verify identity and detect possible frauds – involving paperwork and manual checks became unnecessary.

In the further perspective of product development, Kontomatik enables the design and implementation of complete online processes offering a possibility to follow the path from applying to paying out a loan. The combination of Kontomatik services with onsite technology allows to implement a long-term strategy of granting loans in all sales channels, with an optimally used structure, diversifies sales towards online, Contact Center and hybrid models.

Make your credit decisions the most informed

Cooperation with Kontomatik changed approach to creditworthiness check as well. All factors usually defined as a trouble-makers – like income verification, measuring spendings patterns become automated and seamless.

Traditional credit checks relied on outdated financial records and other tools like credit bureaus, which do not provide the most current data. Real-time data aggregation and transaction categorization allow on precise calculation the probability of someone defaulting on a loan. It helps decrease the default rate and improve the acceptance rate at the same time, thus better serve the client.

Open banking opens many possibilities to improve services and bring benefits to businesses and consumers alike. Write to us, and let’s talk about how open banking can impact your business.