FinDEVr 2015 San-Francisco Experience


November 3, 2015
FinDEVr 2015 San-Francisco Experience

FinDEVr is the world’s largest event for the builders of the financial technologies. This has not been the first time for us to visit this venue, yet only this year we got a chance to present our technology. Read our experiences about visiting the event, presenting at it and watch the recording of the presentation.

Taking place in San-Francisco, the home of the Internet companies, FinDEVr shows opportunities in building new products, especially in the FinTech sector. Even though it takes a few overlays and nearly 24 hours to actually get to the events, it absolutely worths every second of an effort.

FinDEVr companies

There were 63 technology companies presenting various tools, platforms, APIs and case studies relevant to financial services. We have certainly enjoyed seeing lots of great and innovative products, yet the most interesting ones were Joineei, Fidor bank, and Finicity. Due to the introduction of such products, we will see more and more competitive advantages gained from the unlocked financial data.

We visited FinDEVr and Finovate events before, but It was our first time to actually get a presenter’s floor. Our recent hire, Peter Hiekmann, VP of Sales, has led the presentation together with our CEO, Marcin Truszel. As FinDEVr is mostly focused on the hardcore technology, we decided to divide our presentation and explain possible ways of using our services. Our presentation included a 3-minute integration demo that has displayed the implementation process of Kontomatik SignIn Widget from scratch. You can enjoy the recording of this presentation below.

Although the event was pretty useful, the venue was not so great compared to the previous Finovate locations. UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center is not the best place to organize such conference –  the booths of some companies, like ours, were located too far from the main traffic paths. Yet it was not a major issue for us. Considering that our technology is not supported in the US market, we still met many interesting people from all over the world. Currently, we are discussing some potential terms of collaboration with them and we surely hope that as a result of this, the Financial Services Industry would become a little bit more innovative.

Currently, we are looking forward to presenting at the upcoming Finovate event in the UK. This has not yet been confirmed, but we are already quite excited.