8 Greatest Fintech Events to Attend Each Year


May 2, 2016
8 Greatest Fintech Events to Attend Each Year

Whether you are a fintech developer, an investor or just about to start-up your own company in the field of financial technologies, fintech events are the golden source of knowledge. Yet it is never possible to attend every single conference. Find out top fintech events to attend each year.

The ground floor for the most exciting and revolutionary developments in the financial sector are at the top fintech conferences. In crowded convention centers and luxurious hotels in the world’s greatest financial cities, CEOs of ground-breaking start-ups and advisors to the world’s top banks present on the future of fintech. Attendees receive unparalleled access for networking and securing lasting relationships with the technology that has been shaping and will continue to shape our daily financial lives. That is why they are the top fintech events. With so many to attend, here are the top eight greatest fintech expos worth attending, year-after-year.

List of the best fintech events

Let’s dive in and find out the most promising events of the year 2016. Some of them have already passed, yet you may certainly attend those in 2017.



Las Vegas
October 23-26, 2016

If you are looking for venture capital money for your fintech company, Money2020 has consistently ranked as the best fintech conference to get visibility on your ground-breaking fintech solution.  The focus is consistently on payments and how they intersect with retail, mobile, and marketing services, as well as the associated technology that threatens to change the landscape every year.

Money2020 is the one conference that is at the foremost in brushing off the traditional financial jargon and the boredom of numbers with full technological integration; making it the best fintech event for twenty-somethings. DJs, light shows, and a complimentary smoothie bar are only a few of the wild offerings making it the place to be for fintech startups. Technology is highly respected at this expo and is catered to as the saving grace for an old-fashioned financial world. The focus in recent years has been innovation geared at the underbanked segment of the world. That segment of the population has been found to be more comfortable using their mobile devices for finance, rather than partnering with a physical financial institution; the local bank. This has huge implications that Money2020 keeps pressuring on traditional banking.

Finnovate Europe


February 16-17, 2016

Finnovate has consistently been one of the best fintech conferences that meets three times a year in San Francisco, New York, and London. Even though it is triannual, it receiving glaring reviews for its ability to reinvent the fintech wheel, offering something new each time. Below you can preview Kontomatik’s presentation from the event.

The power of these conferences is that the audience is often loaded with executives from Google, Facebook, and other leading technology companies who are eagerly looking to hire the top startups and financial entrepreneurs. Not only that, but Finnovate allows them an easy way to buy up any of those startups and their corresponding fintech technologies that present. Besides the top names in technology, the attendees are often composed of a large number of angel investors and venture capital companies. Each is looking to add new startups for their investing clients. It is easily the best bang for your buck if you are considering presenting your fintech company to the audience. Presenters continually praise the reasonable price for admission and respectable fee for presenting. Finnovate opens many doors for the future of fintech.

Here you can read about Kontomatik’s experience with FinDEVr, a conference from Finnovate that targets developers.



January 12, 2016

The absolute best fintech expo covering deep research on the underlying premise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is BlockChainCon. Make no mistake, their focus is on pushing aside all of the hype associated with block chain. Once that hype is aside, real research and powerful data come to light.

If you want to understand the future of blockchain and the possibilities for its wise use in finance, BlockChainCon is a must to attend. The best fintech conference in the UK is easily overlooked because of the hype associated with Consensus 2016. BlockChainCon’s goal is to provide attendees with first-hand analyses and real professionals who are utilizing block chain today. At fintech expos, the ‘b word’ as it is now dubbed, can often be dismissed as a fad that has not met heightened expectations. BlockChainCon brings together the top minds in block chain technology who are using this powerful transaction technology and breaking it away from Bitcoin and looking at all possible applications at can have on everyday finance from security to efficiency. Get on the ground floor and learn who is spending millions of dollars on integrating this technology and how it looks to put an end to the dominance of traditional currencies in global transactions.

Canada Fintech Forum


September 20-21, 2016

Long thought of as a stalwart of sound finance and globally conservative banking, Canada boasts a young fintech community that is working to change the landscape in North America and beyond. This fintech conference is advertised to be one of the highest for pure networking opportunities.

The highlight to one of this years’ top fintech conference is the keynote speaker: Steve Forbes, editor-in-chief of the Forbes Media Network. Besides a wide array of presentations on insurance, artificial intelligence, and improving the banking experience, Canada Fintech Forum has a $10,000 cash prize to earn. Five companies are given seven minutes to present a fintech that is truly disruptive and has attainable growth prospects. The twist is that the audience gets to participate in live voting. Rest assured this year’s event will have Canada’s top five banks in attendance along with a slew of American representatives looking for promising talent.

Fintech Finals


Hong Kong
January 25-26, 2016

No other region in the world has the breadth of mobile and technological immersion that Asia has. On top of that, more than five billion dollars was invested in Asian fintech startups last year. The Fintech Finals proves that there are plenty of opportunities and funding available at one of the best fintech conferences in Asia.

Known as the “TED of banking” Fintech Finals boasts one of the most competitive landscapes for fintech startups. It all starts with 40 hand-selected fintech starups who pitch their case for a chance at the mainstage for over 500 delegates. The 24 that move on are given six minutes to showcase why they deserve to be the future of fintech. There are loads of prizes including capital, partnership deals, free office space and more. Those who present at this conference stand to benefit from the sheer number of prizes and the opportunity to integrate their innovation in the most promising technological market in the world. Fintech Finals is easily the best fintech conference for networking in Asia.

FinTech Forum


November, 2016

Named to The Wall Street Journal’s “40 Innovators Shaping the Future of Finance,” Fintech Forum promises to be a top fintech conference annually. It is one of the most noticed and greatest founded events in Europe.

FinTech Forum is becoming famous for their ability to bring what they call ‘disruptors and barrier breakers’ together with the traditional financial institutions who would never otherwise meet. Disruptors might be an overused term in discussing startups, but FinTech Forum does a great job of living up to their claim. The top minds in each category of fintech find level playing fields in which innovation can meet structure; allowing all of the possibilities for implementation. Fintech Forum is touted as the best fintech conference to attend for investors and corporations since the conference is strict about the inclusion of startups with a solid track record and an actionable future. No hype to see here folks. The resources they provide their hand-selected startups makes the conference more like a trade show that is welcoming for a wide array of participants.

FutureBank Middle East


May 31, 2016

Long thought of as a wealthy – albeit slow region to innovate democratic norms – The Middle East is on the cutting edge of technology implementation into its seemingly strict financial practices, making this a top fintech expo each year.

The Middle East offers an excellent opportunity for fintechs in the twenty-first century as democratic freedoms grow and as citizens continue to mix Western and Eastern ideals into a truly unique way of life in the United Arab Emirates and beyond. The wealth of oil has exacerbated this phenomenon into a country that has become pure luxury on Earth. FutureBank Middle East offers fintechs the unique opportunity to meet senior banking officials in the Gulf States who are normally off-limits to the general public. The event runs as a traditional debate session and has historically presented potent ideas. Making a lasting impression with UAE financiers at this top fintech conference could pay off in dividends for participants.

African Fintech Awards & Conference

Blade Runner's Johannesburg

October 13, 2016

Africa is ripe with opportunities for fintech startups. No other region of the world has largely skipped the traditional banking structure and opened its doors to mobile payments and peer-to-peer lending. African Fintech Awards & Conference is easily becoming the most open and willing participant in fintech innovation in which all are welcome at every stage of development.

With so many opportunities and the traditional bank industry’s tendency to ignore the African continent, fintechs startups have been quietly acquiring clients and customers through their involvement in Africa’s greatest incubator of innovation. Unlike many fintech expos’s, African Fintech Awards & Conferences rests its laurels on action, however incremental. From its coveted awards ceremony through the expos willingness to accept innovation and run with it, African Fintech Awards and Conference is one of the foremost options annually to get your technology or service noticed, build a solid report, and network with the world’s most open financial opportunities.

Only attend the Best Fintech Conferences to get the Best bang for your Buck

Most fintech expos will advertise the exclusivity and urgency in signing up for their annual meetup. In reality there are hundreds of fintech conferences to attend each year all over the global. Most are a winning proposition for networking and learning of the industry’s rapidly changing trends. Though few can truly live up to the hype and present a case for one of the best fintech expos to attend in their respective region. Do not miss an opportunity to attend the eight greatest fintech events this year.

Kontomatik team visits most of the events, mail us at [email protected] to arrange a meeting or suggest an event for us to attend.